The cut of the diamond determines how brilliantly it will shine.

Diamond is not only very hard but reflects and refracts light like no other substance on earth. The cut of the diamond determines how much light is reflected back through the top of the stone for maximum effect.

When cut well, a diamond will reflect almost all light back towards the viewer and when this light is dispersed through refraction inside the diamond, scintillation occurs, giving off all the colours of the rainbow. The quality of cut is determined by 3 main factors: proportions, polish and symmetry. The proportions of the diamond include mainly the diameter of the stone, how deep the stone is, the size of the largest facet on the top of the stone (the table facet) and the angles of how the diamond was cut.

A well cut diamond is a mirror for light and it needs the right proportions to reflect the most light. If a diamond is cut too shallow or deep, light is not reflected at the correct angle and escapes through the bottom of the stone instead of being reflected back through the top. This essentially leads to a diamond which can appear dark and dull.

The polish of the diamond is the smoothness of the facets or how clean the mirrors are. If the facet (or mirror) is tarnished on the surface then it cannot reflect light properly or let all the light through. This leads to a duller diamond.

The symmetry of the diamond is the alignment of these facets (or mirrors) and good symmetry ensures light is reflected to the appropriate facets for maximum brilliance.

Aura takes great care in ensuring all our diamonds have correct proportions, polish and symmetry to ensure your diamond shines to its fullest potential.